30 Must-Do Family-Friendly Fall Activities

Vancouver, BC | Posted: October 13th, 2018

With kids back in school and the changing of the leaves, comes one of our favourite seasons, Fall. There are so many fun ways to celebrate the season and loads of activities for kids to take part in. While some days may not agree weather-wise, we’ve got a list of family-friendly activities to do this fall both indoors & outside.

1. Go for a nature walk and enjoy the fall colors.

Take a Walk in the Forest

2. Find a haunted house near you and explore it!

Visit a haunted house

3. Visit a pumpkin patch in search of the best and biggest pumpkins.

Pick out the perfect pumpkin

4. Visit a corn maze and try to find your way out!

Go through a Corn Maze

5. Go apple picking and then bake an apple pie.

Go apple picking

6. Make Halloween costumes and show off your artistic skills.

Make Halloween Costumes

7. Cozy up with reading time as a family.

Read together

8. Get crafty and make Halloween decorations to get in the spooky spirit.

Make decorations

9. Bake pumpkin pies or pumpkin tarts and enjoy them together.

Make pumpkin pie

10. Watch spooky movies with the lights all out.

11. Go on a family picnic amongst the leaves.

Outdoor Picnic

12. Watch the salmon run at a nearby river or creek. Check out SEEtheWILD’s recent blog.

Watch the Salmon Run

13. Enjoy a scavenger hunt looking for specific leaves or other foliage to bring home.

14. Make arts and crafts using your collected leaves & pinecones.

Make Leaf Art

15. Go to the fair and enjoy going on the rides and playing the games.

Go to the fair

16. Carve pumpkins & roast the seeds as a delicious treat to share.

Carve Pumpkins

17. Play outside in the rain and puddles! It’s only water!

Play in the Rain

18. Have a bonfire & tell spooky stories. The spookiest story wins a treat!

Have a bonfire

19. Compete in a potato sack race. Winner gets to choose the next movie out at the theatre.

20. Camp in your yard or build forts indoors. Practice making shadow animals and guessing each other’s choice.

21. Decorate the outside of your house for Halloween. Create a fun haunted house or activity for visiting kids.

Decorate outside your home

22. Find a Ghost Walk nearby, or go hunting for haunted buildings in your town or city.

23. Go for a hayride and drink warm apple cider. Cozy in together and enjoy the fun.

24. Make caramel apples with funny Halloween characters or animals.

Make caramel apples

25. Make candles together! Pick out fall-themed scents to incorporate. Put the candles around your house and enjoy the fall ambiance.

26. Rake the leaves into a giant pile to jump into them. There are few more classic fall activities than this!

Play in the leaves

27. Play a game of football or soccer and offer a prize to the winning team. Enjoy the crisp autumn air!

28. Take family photos in the beautiful fall colours. You’ll enjoy these for years to come. Make sure to take some funny ones!

29. Create shrunken heads from apples. Follow the tutorial at the link.

30. Build a scarecrow using some old clothes. Stuff the clothing with hay or other materials and set it out on the front porch. You might even spook yourself when you come home in the dark!

Build a scarecrow

What are some of your favourite activities to do together in the fall? Whatever you choose to do with your family this fall, enjoy plenty of the outdoors, make loads of memories, and have fun together!

Sarah Lafontaine

Sarah is a travel writer, citizen of the world and lover of the Pacific Northwest and tacos. When not writing she can be found searching for her next travel destination or exploring with her dog, Otto.

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