Amazon Survival Experience

Amazon Survival Experience

Amazon Survival Experience

Trip Details:

Operator:   Tropical Tree Climbing
Price From: $1520
Fitness Needs: Moderately Fit
Program duration: 6 days

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About this program

Alongside a team of experts, learn just how simple life can be and how, with a little knowledge, life can be comfortable in the jungle. As most of the people that live in the Amazon Forest have held on to their knowledge of edible plants, wild fruits, and medicinal plants, you’ll pick up the skills to determine this yourself.

A few highlights you can look forward to include: learning about available protein sources, what type of wood can be used to start a fire or be used as a torch, how to make a bow and arrow, how to build a shelter and more. You may also learn how to set animal traps, however, you will not actually trap animals.

Departing from the city of Manaus, you and a small group of travelers will head out into the Amazon Jungle to the Tropical Tree Climbing Lodge. On the first day, you’ll experience a treetop hammock, the sights and smells of the rainforest, as well as, wildlife that call it home. As you continue to explore the Jungle, you’ll spend time in the forest “garden” where you’ll get to know how locals use the plants and food found in the jungle.

Afterwards, gain knowledge and learn some wilderness living skills. Take home amazing art, souvenirs, tapestries and more from the indigenous store in the tiny town of Presidente Figueiredo. You’ll gain a completely new outlook over the 6 days and be ready to return home and enjoy the simple things.


Day 1: Depart from Manaus

At 9:00 a.m. starts your Amazon Survival Experience and you will be met at the hotel by your naturalist guide in Manaus and transferred by car to the Tropical Tree Climbing headquarters – 667 acres of natural rain forest within the environmental protection area of Cave of the Maruaga and located at Km 144 of the highway BR 174 (direction Manaus-Boa Vista), in the township of Presidente Figueiredo (the same road that leads to Venezuela).

It’s about a two-hour drive and along the journey, the vegetation changes from colonized deforested areas to virgin rain forest. You’ll arrive to a warm welcome at the Tropical Tree Climbing Lodge. Meet for an orientation snack with our team. I

n order to spend more time in the jungle, we serve only two main meals: breakfast and a lunch or dinner. We are happy to provide snacks in between those meals and fresh fruits are always available for your convenience with no additional costs.

Afternoon Experience, Tree Climbing: 
Prepare for an exciting tree climbing adventure! From our lodge you will embark on a guided walk along a trail that meanders underneath the Amazon rainforest’s thick canopy. Our tree climbing adventure begins with an Angelim Tree (Dinizia excelsa), ranging from 200 feet tall, specially selected for your adventure.

You’ll receive thorough instructions in tree climbing techniques, and your guide will be alongside you as you ascend into the canopy. Once high up in the tree, there will be a canvas hammock waiting for you to rest, relax and observe life from a bird’s eye view. Ahhh… we call this Tree Time! The canvas hammock is safely and securely tied to the tree and your safety rope remains locked and secured, permitting you to relax and enjoy your experience in this marvelous treetop canopy.

The forest is transformed completely during the night, the sounds and smells are intensified and other senses are awakened. On this night experience, unlike others, our guests find the beauty in the small details, the croaking of frogs or the hum of insects. And if you turn off your flashlight you can observe the sparkling of fireflies in the woods, or hear the flutter of bats – and if you look carefully to the ground, you might see the faint glow of bioluminescent fungi surrounding you. When you turn on the lights again you can see the reflection of hundreds of tiny eyes of insects all around.

As we come down from the tree and continue our way to the lodge you can hear the call of cicadas, owls, and other night birds. No doubt, this is an overwhelming experience. Enjoy your evening dinner at our lodge.

Evening Experience:
Every evening, for all our guests interested in learning more on their own, there is an opportunity to spend the evening exploring the area around the lodge – learning more about the local life in the jungle.

Day 2: Exploring the Jungle

Morning Experience: Edible Forest Gardening

We will gather at the lodge before heading over to the Edible Forest Gardening-experience in the “Garden”. This trail starts at the side of the main road, across areas where the forest is regenerating and there is large patches of pristine forest. For this reason this trail is ideal to show the ecological succession processes and the importance of forest conservation for the Amazon region.

In the Garden we consciously apply the principles of ecology to the design of home scale gardens that mimic forest ecosystem structure and function for our food production systems. Learn how the locals use the plants and fruits of the jungle on this cultural excursion.

Experience local tradition, and learn about Amazon history and culture. Enjoy your evening snack at our lodge.

Afternoon Experience: Wilderness Living Skills

Venture out into the jungle with your local guide for a great opportunity to spot unusual insects and animals. You and your guide have the afternoon to explore the jungle, and the focus here is on living in the wilderness. In the jungle you will set up your own hammock camp; this will be your home until the next day! Then your training begins. We will take you through all the skills you need to find water, make shelter, light a fire and procure food.

The jungle base camp provides basic accommodations within the native environment – perfect for a night of rain forest camping; open to the fresh air and natural forest sounds, allowing for an authentic rain forest camping experience. The base camp has a stream of freshwater. Learn to slow down and tune up your senses and become an active part of the local ecology. Beneath a starry sky you’ll enjoy the evening’s open camp fire for dinner, where guests congregate and chat over the day’s events.

Days 3 & 4: Wilderness Living Skills

In the morning, you will be eating some strange, but very tasty bugs, starting fires without matches or lighters, recognizing water vines, fishing for piranha, stalking wild game with bow & arrow and a whole lot more.

Learn how to climb the palm tree without any ropes, and (depending on the time of year) how to retrieve the fruit – and enjoy making a delicious, exotic juice from it. This is an experience not to be missed. Thereafter, you are invited to enjoy a dinner and meet with our team at the lodge.

Day 5: Hike to a Waterfall

Morning/Afternoon Experience: Presidente Figueiredo

We will leave the lodge and make a drive of just 30 km, for a refreshing visit to a rain forest waterfall. The hike to the waterfall then takes 10 minutes, and the landscape is beautiful – with moss-covered trees, bromelias and orchids everywhere. This trail ends with a beautiful waterfall – over 10 m high.

On your way back to the lodge, discover some amazing local art, tapestries, books, bows, arrows and other one-of-a-kind souvenirs at Waimiri Atrorari’s indigenous store, located in the small town of Presidente Figueiredo. Enjoy your dinner at our lodge.

Day 6: Return to Manaus

Rise and shine to enjoy your breakfast at the lodge. From here, you will return to Manaus at 9:00 am.

We will drive you to the hotel in Manaus, or to catch your flight home. End of our services.

Country Fast Facts


Flag 1280px-Flag_of_Brazil
Continent:South America
Official Language(s)Portuguese
Population205,338,000 (2015 estimate)
Climate(s)Tropical Rainforest, Monsoon, Equatorial, Warm Desert, Warm Semi-arid, Oceanic (Warm/Temperate), Subtropic Humid
Major Airport(s):Guarulhos International Airport (GRU), Galeao International Airport (GIG), Brasilia International Airport (BSB)
Economic Driver(s):Agriculture, Tourism, Manufacturing, Energy (Oil)

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