Fiji Marine Conservation Expedition

Fiji Marine Conservation Expedition

Fiji Marine Conservation Expedition

Trip Details:

Operator:   GVI - Global Vision International
Price From: 4,000 USD
Program duration: 12 weeks

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About this program

Journey to the South Pacific and join a marine conservation project to protect the fragile coral reefs and marine ecosytems of Fiji. Have an exciting opportunity to receive your PADI Advanced Open Water certification and explore the stunning waters and sea life of the area in a responsible way.



Photo Credit: Global Vision International


Project Life

You will first complete an initial training phase where you will learn to accurately identify locally targeted fish or coral species. Training will involve snorkel and dive point outs with GVI staff, as well as learning benthic coral and invertebrate. Depending on weather conditions, we aim for everyone to have 1 or 2 dives/snorkels each day, 5 days a week, during which you will conduct underwater surveys after you complete your training. Besides diving, you should expect to be involved in additional projects and activities, including training sessions, marine debris surveys and removal, environmental education session or alternative income training, depending on local and project needs. You will also be required to complete base duties. You will stay on GVI’s Caqalai Island base in basic dormitory accommodation with your fellow volunteers with a communal kitchen, living and work area, taking turns with base duties on a rotational basis. Weekends are usually yours to rest up and relax, or perhaps even explore some of the surrounding area, all depending on the project needs and requirements.

Country Fast Facts


Official Language(s)English, Fijian, Hindi
Major Airport(s):Nadi International Airport (NAN)
Economic Driver(s):Tourism, Trade

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