Marine Conservation Expedition in the Seychelles

Marine Conservation Expedition in the Seychelles

Marine Conservation Expedition in the Seychelles

Trip Details:

Operator:   GVI - Global Vision International
Price From: 4,100 USD
Program duration: 12 weeks

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About this program

Journey to the pristine waters of the Indian Ocean and join this exciting marine expedition to work on important conservation projects on the beautiful islands and reefs of the Seychelles.

You will be on a team conducting conservation-related surveys that provide information to the local government about coral reef research, invertebrate surveys and turtle breeding areas.


Project Life

Depending on weather conditions, we aim for everyone to have 1 or 2 dives/snorkels each day, 5 days a week, during which you will conduct underwater surveys after completion of your training. Besides diving, you should expect to be involved in additional projects and activities, including training sessions, marine debris surveys and removal, environmental education session or alternative income training, depending on local and project needs. You will also be required to complete base duties. At the end of each day you will eat, relax and socialise with the rest of the team as you recount your sightings from below the surface. Life on the base will be simple island living, sleeping in basic dormitory style accommodation with shared bathrooms as well as sharing cooking and cleaning duties around base. Weekends will be yours to explore the beautiful surrounding area and islands as you immerse yourself in the Creole culture of the Seychelles.

Country Fast Facts


Official Language(s)English, French, Seychelles Creole
Population92,000 (2012 estimate)
Climate(s)Tropical Rainforest
Major Airport(s):Seychelles International Airport (SEZ)
Economic Driver(s):Fishing, Tourism, Agriculture, Manufacturing

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