Monitor Ocelots in Trinidad

Monitor Ocelots in Trinidad

Monitor Ocelots in Trinidad

Trip Details:

Operator:   Earthwatch
Price From: 2,575 USD
Program duration: 15 days
Trip Dates: 01-11-2017,31-12-2017

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About this program

Travel to the tropical islands of Trinidad and Tobago where researchers are conducting studies to determine what threats are against ocelots, and possible solutions.

Work alongside a team to help understand behaviors, prey and habitat use and distribution, which can help figure out the most effective way to educate and raise awareness to further protect the future of ocelots.




Day 1:

Arrival, introductions, travel to field station.

Days 2-7:

Daily activities include: Deploying and retrieving camera traps: Help to set up camera traps to document ocelot presence in Trinidad. Assist in the processing of data collected by camera traps, including sorting and organizing the photos for analysis. Assessing ocelot habitat:Assist with the collection of data on habitat that is associated with ocelot presence and activity, as well as that of other terrestrial fauna. Tracking and processing scat: Hike in teams or ride in vehicles to search for scat. Help to process and examine scat at the research station to assess prey contents and possibly prepare for genetic analysis.

Day 8: Team departs.

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