Mountain Travel Sobek

Mountain Travel Sobek

Over 45 years of exploration has equipped MTS with the wisdom, the know-how, and the relationships to dive deep and create enlightening experiences in the world’s most beautiful–and often most off-the-beaten-path–destinations. By traveling sustainably in small groups, you’ll get the inside track on a wide variety of special encounters that directly benefit local communities. So, whether you’re meeting Namibia’s pastoral Himba people, sailing to the heart of Brazil’s Amazon, or exploring the scenic wonders and amazing wildlife of Indonesia, you can trust MTS to give back and guide responsibly.

Founded on a mission to share and protect special places, MTS has been committed to treading lightly and traveling sustainably since 1969. MTS works with highly skilled local experts to guide travelers knowledgeably and responsibly–and believes in providing authentic, immersive travel experiences. As well as contributing a portion of proceeds to wildlife groups and nature preserves, MTS fosters long-term relationships with local suppliers. They are honored to support worthy groups who fight to protect the planet, including the Alaska Conservation Foundation, WildAid, The Wildlife Trust, The Fund for the Tiger, and The Galápagos Conservancy, among many others.

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