Surf Camp in Nicaragua

Surf Camp in Nicaragua

Surf Camp in Nicaragua

Trip Details:

Operator:   Adventure Sports Tours (AST)
Price From: 750 USD
Ideal Age Range: High School (15 to 18), 19 to 30, 31 to 50, Over 51
Fitness Needs: Moderately Fit
Program duration: 5 days

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About this program

Travel to Central Nicaragua and enjoy one of the country’s richest surf spots. With several variations of waves, there is something for everyone of different surf levels and experiences. Your experience includes the expertise of a local, bilingual surf guide, accommodations, delicious and nutritious meals, daily surf boat trips, and a whole lot more. Perfect for those who are short on time, and don’t want to sacrifice their vacations time by moving around, you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy some relaxation at the end of your thrilling days. 

You’ll experience the friendly area of Playa Miramar, the city of Leon where you’ll dive right into the culture, history, tastes and lively nightlife. The accommodations in a traditional Nicaragua style home that has been converted to a multi-guest house, so you can really experience staying in Nicaragua as a local. 

This area is well known for its surf, uncrowded beaches and difficult to access destinations. With 4 walkable surf locations and a surf boat to access many others, you’ll have the chance to surf a variety of waves, including beach breaks, one point breaks, and slabby reefs! Accompanied by a knowledgeable surf guide, you’ll be able to navigate to the best waves for your abilities, under the ever-changing conditions. Don’t forget your camera, you’ll want to snap up every amazing moment!


This Surf Camp is located in La Barra, where you have access to four easily walked to locations where you can catch waves. This area is well known for its incredible surf, and this trip is perfect for those short on time. Included in the 4-night, 5-day package is: 

  • Bilingual Surf Guide
  • Daily Surf Boat Trips
  • Oceanfront Property
  • Private Room as a Group
  • Private Bath
  • Air Conditioning
  • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner (5:00AM- Coffee, Juice, Banana Bread, Cereal)
  • Swimming Pool
  • WiFi

**This package is also available for longer durations. Please check out the link above to see other rates & durations**

Country Fast Facts


Flag Flag_of_Nicaragua
Continent:North America
Official Language(s)Spanish
Population6,071,045 (2012 census)
Climate(s)Equatorial, Monsoon, Tropical savanna
Major Airport(s):Managua International Airport (MGA)
Economic Driver(s):Agriculture, Tourism

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