Tropical Tree Climbing

Tropical Tree Climbing

Tropical Tree Climbing is family-run, started from the passion of Vanessa Marino and Leo Principe. After extensive travel and exploration of Brazil’s Amazon Jungle, the couple decided to set roots in the jungle by returning to nature with their 3 children. 

With a desire to share the incredible beauty of the Amazon with travelers, Tropical Tree Climbing was born. The goal is to improve livelihoods and strengthen the conservation efforts that protect the animals and environment. 

Leo’s expansive experience in nature photography and conservation started far earlier than the beginnings of Tropical Tree Climbing, and his love for tree climbing led him to the idea of using this for something greater in the future. 

After meeting Vanessa and embarking on a one-year road trip of Brazil learning about eco-homes, sustainable building methods, permaculture, agroforestry and clean energy, Tropical Tree Climbing was begun in 2000. 

In 2006, alongside master instructor of Tree Climbing International, Tim Kovar, they were able to bring this certification organization to offer courses along with the Wildlife Conservation Society, providing support to the Amazon Jaguar Conservation Project. 

We love what Tropical Tree Climbing stands for. By offering travelers education in simple living, eco–friendly travel, conservation and returning to nature, they are able to make a huge impact on their local communities and the environment surrounding them. By giving travelers an exciting alternative to adventure travel, they are able to form more conscious travelers and positively inspire those travelers to carry forth those efforts in their everyday lives.


Tropical Tree Climbing